Jet Plant Hire drives industry standards with sustainable planing solutions

Jet Plant Hire Ltd, a leading UK road planing contractor, is helping drive industry standards in sustainability and compliance, with regards to used planings and sweepings removed from road surfaces.

By repurposing 100% of road planings, Jet Plant is actively reducing waste and aiming to help conserve natural resources, aligning with its strong environmental responsibility goals.

During the last year Jet Plant has delivered hundreds of thousands of planings from our work sites. The majority of those planings have gone to local businesses, with others delivered to Asphalt plants to be recycled into new materials. In the average year Jet Plant will generate nearly 1 million tonnes of road planings.

Jet Plant delivers planing solutions to a wide range of customers across the industry. Through process optimisation, low carbon-footprint and the utilisation of advanced technologies, Jet Plant is focused on sustainability and development.

Alongside their traditional use in road construction, road planing materials are adaptable and have significant value across a wide range of different sectors. Jet Plant also arrange for the finer sweepings to be delivered into local sites. These are useful for farms and equestrian centres, as it is softer material for the animals to walk on. Recent applications include an Equestrian centre and use on an Alpaca farm.

Comprehensive paperwork ensures meticulous tracking of every step in the planing process. From removal by the onsite team, to driver responsibility and sign off by the end user, Jet Plant maintains strict compliance. This is above and beyond required industry standards and regulations, ensuring transparency and accountability throughout the process.

Jet Plant guarantees complete traceability of all materials, tracking their journey from origin to destination. By carefully recording planing origin and potential destinations on  Google Maps, as well as minimising travel distances for repurposing, Jet Plant significantly reduces vehicle emissions, contributing to a cleaner environment and ensuring vehicle uptime onsite. Currently the average tip is just 4.74 miles from job site.

The business has more than 20 years of data with detailed information on local tips and is constantly looking to grow and adapt that database, thanks to the knowledge and experience in the team.

Charlotte Chetland, Planing Sales Team Leader at Jet Plant, commented, “Jet Plant is committed to setting the industry standard in sustainable planing solutions. Our focus on sustainability, compliance, cost efficiency, versatility, and traceability shows our dedication to delivering value to our customers while minimising our environmental impact.”

Jet Plant’s unwavering commitment to sustainable practices and excellence in planing solutions reinforces its position as an industry leader, setting the benchmark for others to follow.


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